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Latest Rates of Plots and Farm Houses in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg islamabad has seen major rise in prices over the past 4 years after it changed its marketing strategy and showed some quality development standards. We have created this page in order to give you an overview of current prices in all blocks of Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg Greens so that you may easily pick out your investment options in Gulberg.

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Gulberg Greens Farm House Prices

Following are the average prices in all blocks of Gulberg Greens Farm Houses.

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A4 Kanal3.60 to 4.10 Crore
A5 Kanal4 to 4.5 Crore
A10 Kanal7.5 to 10 Crore
B4 Kanal2.75 to 3.25 Crore
B5 Kanal3.25 to 4.25 Crore
B10 Kanal6.5 to 8 Crore
C4 Kanal3.75 to 4.15 Crore
C5 Kanal4.25 to 4.5 Crore
C10 Kanal7.50 to 11 Crore
D4 Kanal2.50 to 3 Crore
D5 Kanal2.90 to 3.75 Crore
D10 Kanal6 to 8 Crore
E4 Kanal2.35 to 2.75 Crore
E5 Kanal2.80 to 3.50 Crore
E10 Kanal6.50 to 8.50 Crore

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Above listed prices include buying and selling prices of all sizes of farm houses according to the blocks, development status, category and location.

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gulberg islamabad

Gulberg Residencia Plot Prices

Following are the average prices of plots in all blocks of Gulberg Residencia Islamabad.

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BlockPlot SizePrice
A30×6030 to 35 Lacs
A35×7045 to 55 Lacs
A50×9075 to 90 Lacs
A75×1201.25 to 1.5 Crore
B30×6027 to 32 Lacs
B35×7040 to 50 Lacs
B50×9065 to 80 Lacs
B75×1201.05 to 1.25 Crore
C30×6035 to 40 Lacs
C35×7045 to 55 Lacs
C50×9065 to 85 Lacs
E50×9080 Lacs to 1.10 Crore
F30×6035 to 50 Lacs
F35×7040 to 55 Lacs
G30×6028 to 32 Lacs
G35×7033 to 38 Lacs
H30×6026 to 35 Lacs
H35×7042 to 50 Lacs
I30×6042 to 48 Lacs
I35×7048 to 55 Lacs
J50×9065 to 110 Lacs
K30×6026 to 34 Lacs
K35×7032 to 40 Lacs
K40×8038 to 50 Lacs
L30×6028 to 35 Lacs
L35×7033 to 40 Lacs
L40×8038 to 45 Lacs
M30×6028 to 35 Lacs
N30×6025 to 35 Lacs
N35×7034 to 45 Lacs
N50×9062 to 75 Lacs
O30×6025 to 32 Lacs
O35×7033 to 40 Lacs
O40×8042 to 50 Lacs
P30×6023 to 27 Lacs
P35×7033 to 40 Lacs
P50×9050 to 65 Lacs
P75×12065 to 85 Lacs
Q35×7030 to 35 Lacs
Q50×9055 to 65 Lacs
R30×6023 to 27 Lacs
R35×7030 to 35 Lacs
S50×9045 to 60 Lacs
T35×7026 to 35 Lacs
T50×9045 to 55 Lacs
V30×6023 to 28 Lacs
V35×7028 to 40 Lacs
V40×8040 to 50 Lacs

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The above listed prices include buying and selling rates of all sizes of residential plots in gulberg residencia which vary according to blocks, location, category and development status.

Should you require more information about buying and selling prices of plots or farm houses in Gulberg Islamabad, feel free to contact us by email or phone numbers given on contact page.

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7 ways to use leftover construction material in your home

So you finally built your ideal home and are now living in it. You want to keep adding little things to it to make it look even more beautiful than it already is, but the construction itself drained your pocket. This may make you feel frustrated, but the solution is right under your nose. You can always find extra materials lying around when your house is built. Most people make the mistake of throwing these materials away, but these can actually completely change the look of your house at very low cost.
Here are a few ways to get your desired home without breaking the bank and creating waste.

1) Use leftover tiles to make coasters for glasses or trivets to put hot pans on. They can even be broken up to be used in mosaics for décor.


2) Bricks can be used to make a nice pathway for a rustic garden. For those winter family barbecues, you can use all those extra bricks to make a firepit. A unique idea is to store some bricks in a corner, and use them to make an easily adjustable barbecue grill.


3) Woodwork always leaves over oddly shaped pieces of lumber. You can use these to make small bookshelves, picture frames, or a trellis for the garden. A cute birdhouse is also a possibility.


4) Use those leftover pints of paint to repaint tired old furniture and give it a new look. You could even unleash your inner artist and make a mural on a wall of your choice. Go the full length and decorate the cans to use as pen-holders or small pots for a kitchen garden.


5) Metal scraps are a bit more complicated to handle, so you should probably get a professional to work with those. You can have pieces of metal welded into a unique mailbox or a decoration piece.


6) Those pretty wallpaper scraps that are left over can be used to mount small frames to spice up a plain wall. Using scraps, you can even line your drawers and cupboards, keeping them dry and giving a really classy look.



7) Even something as seemingly boring as concrete can be used to give your house a facelift. You can use concrete to make stepping stones for a garden pathway and press bits of coloured glass or marbles into the wet concrete to give a unique look.


You can use these ideas or even let your own creative juices flow to make your home unique in a very environmentally friendly way.

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Easy tricks into making a small living room look big

You don’t have to be disappointed looking at your small living room, there are plenty of ways you can make it look bigger than an actually big room. Just follow these easy tricks into creating an illusion of big room out of a small space.

  1. Ditch the curtains: As pretty as some curtains might be, they’re not an essential. Especially in a small space, you need all the light you can get to give a spacious effect. So ditch the curtains and go for gauzy sheer white drapes if you need cover.
  2. Have a statement piece: Just because you have a small space does not mean you need small furniture to fill it up. Get a statement piece, probably a sofa in a bold colour and keep the rest minimal.
  3. Keep it light hued: From your furniture to the walls, carpets and everything else. Keep everything in light tones, you could go for a white base (i.e walls) and add pastel furniture. This would give a spacious impact.
  4. Use mirrors: Mirrors can make your room look twice the size it actually is, if placed in the right position. Use a big mirror to cover an entire wall in a way that the entire room reflects in it and see how magically it transforms your room.
  5. Add a dash of colour: Since the rest of your room will probably have no colour, it is advisable to add maybe a dash of it to keep things from gettimg boring. The ceiling is a good place to try this. Paint the ceiling a colour that pops, maybe a bright purple or orange. It will, very subtly, make your room very fun.
  6. Save space: By making shelves on the walls and not getting big chunky shelves you can save up floor space and add dimension to your room.
  7. Include plants in your indoor: Indoor plants make your room look fresh and airy, place them in small clusters in corners or get a big. It will definitely add colour to your room without going overboard.
  8. Space things out: You don’t necessarily need to shove your furniture against a wall to create space. Play with angles to create an illusion of space.
  9. Enjoy your tiny space: Small spaces are awesome! They’re easy to maintain and less hassle. So sit back and sip on chae in your adorable little lounge.

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lang mafia

How to keep qabza-mafia away from your property

Land grabbing has become a major concern for the country’s property market. Karachi’s real estate is notorious for it, but the fact is that it exists all over the country. People can illegally settle down on your property – an uninhabited home or plot – and come up with fake rent or sales agreements. I have compiled a list of the measures you can take to keep your property safe.

Possession is as important as acquiring documents

Make sure no one has prior possession of the plot you are buying. Doing a little research will go a long way in protecting your interests. After acquiring the documents, inform the concerned authorities in your area, like Karachi Development Authority (KDA) in Karachi and Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in Lahore, about the transfer of property. Getting in touch with the authorities will be easier if they have been involved from the get go.

Build a boundary wall

It may come off as an obvious move, but trust me it’s important. A wall is a signal to potential land-grabbers that the land isn’t empty and actual owner of the place isn’t far. Even if you don’t build a complete wall, at least create a visible demarcation to let everyone know it belongs to you. In some cases, people have also put up signboards with the name and number of the actual owner to ensure that whoever is eyeing it knows that the owner is around.

Make yourself visible

Keep visiting the place to make sure that there aren’t any illegal construction starting on your property. You can get chummy with your neighbours so that they can inform you in case land-grabbers make their move. If you have invested in a society, make sure that you stay in touch with the management. And make sure that all property dealers in the area know that you are the owner of that particular piece of land. Socialise with the main players of the property business in that area. It may seem like a lot of work, but many of my sources suggest that these moves generally help you remain safe. This is especially important for areas that are prone to land grabbing.

Keep your property documents safe with you

And be careful when you make copies of your property documents. Producing fake documents becomes easier if the forgers have access to copies of the original documents. If you try to pursue the matter legally, it will come down to the documentation in some cases.

Get a guard

An empty home or plot – because the owner is out of city/country – even in posh areas can invite illegal possession. A trustworthy guard will keep land-grabbers away or at least inform you of a problem. Having someone on the property can help you keep your property safer than if it is left on its own.

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Apex Business Avenue Gulberg Greens Islamabad – Location & Plot Prices

Apex Business Avenue Gulberg Greens Islamabad – Location & Plot Prices

Apex Business Avenue is an exclusive commercial project offering different sizes of commercial plots on 220ft wide main gulberg expressway in Gulberg Greens Islamabad. Commercial plots are fully developed and ready for construction,so you buy a commercial plot with just 10% down payment and get possession of your plot to construct your plaza.

Apex Business Avenue offers commercial plots on 4 years installment plan, so it is an attractive opportunity for investors & builders to grab a good location plot to start their commercial project in Gulberg Greens Islamabad with just 10% payment of plot. You can construct ground + 8 stories and pent house on these commercial plots.


There are various commercial projects under construction in Gulberg Greens Islamabad, and commercial prices are quite high. This is an ideal investment opportunity as plots are very limited and available on first come first served basis.

Gulberg Greens has the following salient features:

  • Ideal Location on Main Islamabad Highway
  • High Development Standards
  • All Basic Amenities Available
  • Prime Business Address
  • Security and Surveillance Systems

Following is the payment plan of plots in Apex Business Avenue:

Apex Business Avenue Gulberg Greens Islamabad – Location & Plot Prices

If you want to book a commercial plot in Apex Business Avenue, you need to fill out the booking form and submit alongwith down payment in favor of M/S Apex Homes (pvt) Ltd.

Download Booking Form :

Application-form-Apex-Business-Avenue-01 Application-form-Apex-Business-Avenue-02


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Gulberg Residencia

Exploring the ins and outs of Islamabad’s Gulberg Residencia

The vicinity of under-construction Islamabad Expressway is destined to become hotcake among potential investors in the due time. Gulberg Residencia is among these societies. However, real estate investment volume has gradually dropped in the course of last couple of weeks.

In order to help you understand the factors that have altered investment volume in the society that occupies a fine spot in Islamabad, I have prepared this exclusive analysis. Read on!


More than 50% of the project’s land is in litigation. While the developer is busy fixing the issue, the fact remains that they don’t have complete possession of land in many blocks. Blocks I, J and E are the only blocks where the developer has acquired and developed 100% land with possession available. Naturally property rates in these blocks is also higher. In addition, many plot owners are also constructing their houses in the mentioned blocks.

In blocks L and V, the developer has acquired and developed about 50% and 75% of the area respectively. Block A and G are 20% cleared and developed. Major litigation issues prevail in Block H, K, M, O, and P while 50% land is available for Block N. In blocks B, F, Q, R, S and T, the developer has acquired 100% land but have carried out no development so far.

Slow Pace of development

Due to litigation issues, the pace of development work in the project is slow. The increased real estate activity witnessed during the last two months was due to the construction of Gulberg Interchange and the bridge that connects Gulberg Greens with Gulberg Residencia. Interesting thing to note here is that, in terms of development work pace, the opposite is seen in Gulberg Greens – an exclusive farmhouse project targeting the end users from upper class.

Block wise rates

Here is block-wise price range of residential plots in Gulberg Residencia:

BlocksPlot SizePrice range
A7 MarlaPKR 3,200,000 – PKR 3,500,000
10 MarlaPKR 4,700,000 – PKR 5,200,000
1 KanalPKR 7,500,000 – PKR 9,000,000
2 KanalPKR 13,000,000 – PKR 14,000,000
B7 MarlaPKR 3,200,000 – PKR 3,500,000
10 MarlaPKR 4,700,000 – PKR 5,200,000
1 KanalPKR 7,500,000 – PKR 9,000,000
C7 MarlaPKR 3,400,000 – PKR 3,700,000
1 KanalPKR 8,000,000 – PKR 100,000,000
E1 KanalPKR 8,800,000 – PKR 3,700,000
F7 MarlaPKR 3,300,000 – PKR 3,800,000
10 MarlaPKR 4,800,000 – PKR 5,500,000
G7 MarlaPKR 3,100,000 – PKR 3,300,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,900,000 – PKR 4,500,000
H7 MarlaPKR 2,400,000 – PKR 3,000,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,500,000 – PKR 4,000,000
I7 MarlaPKR 3,700,000 – PKR 4,000,000
10 MarlaPKR 5,000,000 – PKR 6,000,000
J1 KanalPKR 8,000,000 – PKR 9,000,000
K7 MarlaPKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,700,000
10 MarlaPKR 5,000,000 – PKR 6,000,000
12 MarlaPKR 4,400,000 – PKR 4,400,000
L7 MarlaPKR 3,000,000 – PKR 3,400,000
10 MarlaPKR 4,000,000 – PKR 4,500,000
12 MarlaPKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,000,000
M7 MarlaPKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,600,000
N7 MarlaPKR 2,500,000 – PKR 2,700,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,500,000 – PKR 4,000,000
O7 MarlaPKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,500,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,000,000 – PKR 3,700,000
12 MarlaPKR 3,800,000 – PKR 4,000,000
P7 MarlaPKR 2,100,000 – PKR 2,500,000
10 MarlaPKR 2,900,000 – PKR 3,200,000
12 MarlaPKR 4,100,000 – PKR 4,600,000
R7 MarlaPKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,500,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,500,000 – PKR 3,600,000
S1 KanalPKR 5,000,000 – PKR 5,500,000
T10 MarlaPKR 3,000,000 – PKR 3,500,000
1 KanalPKR 4,800,000 – PKR 6,000,000
V7 MarlaPKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,800,000
10 MarlaPKR 3,500,000 – PKR 3,800,000
12 MarlaPKR 4,200,000 – PKR 4,500,000


What’s coming up next?

I have learnt that the developer is looking to offer possession for plots in Block B, F and R in the coming three months. So property rates in these blocks can go up. Furthermore, the auction of commercial plots in Block D Markaz, which is the commercial sector of Gulberg Residencia, is also planned in June this year.

Where to invest?

If you have enough capital, you can wait for the auction of commercial plots in D Markaz. If playing big is not your cup of tea, you can opt for buying residential plots in Block B, F, R and P (only in the developed part). My sources claim that 1 kanal residential plots in Block P could fetch better gains in the short to medium term.

Have a feedback on this article or Gulberg Residencia? Leave you comment below.

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10th Avenue

Planning for construction of 10th Avenue in final phase

Islamabad: Planning for 10th Avenue construction has entered its final phase, a news source reported while quoting Islamabad Mayor and Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Sheikh Anser Aziz.

The mayor told reporters that 10th Avenue will start from IJP Road and end at Khayaban-e-Iqbal while passing through sectors I-10, H-10, G-10 and F-10. Reportedly, the residents of sectors E-11, D-12, E-12, F-11, H-11, and I-11 will also benefit from this avenue.

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koral chowk interchange

CDA instructed to open Koral Interchange before March 01

Islamabad: The Prime Minister (PM)’s Office has instructed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to open the Koral Chowk Interchange before March 1, according to a news source. The 16-kilometre route along this interchange connects the Expressway with the new airport. The PM office wants the route to be functional before the Economic Cooperation Organisation Conference is held in Islamabad.

After the orders, the CDA has reportedly been working day in and day out to open the Chowk on February 28. The authority has also started landscape work along the route. Concerned teams have been given specific targets to work on for different parts of the project.


Koral Interchange road carpeting begins

Islamabad: After completing all five loops of the Koral Interchange, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started carpeting the main interchange, reports a news source.

According to details, the Prime Minister’s Office instructed the CDA to open the Koral Interchange before March 1, a few days ago.

While inspecting the pace of the development work, Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz said that the interchange will be open for traffic really soon. He also instructed the CDA to maintain high quality construction standards for the overhead bridge.

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Amnesty scheme

PKR 17 billion turned white through tax amnesty scheme

Islamabad: Through the tax amnesty scheme, an amount of PKR 17 billion has been turned white between December 7, 2016 and February 10, 2017, according to the stats shared by the Federal Board of Revenue.

Reportedly, 20,161 property transactions were carried out in 65 days and 3% tax was paid on the difference between DC rate and the FBR rate of property. The board has collected tax revenue of PKR 520 million from this scheme.

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Is your house making you sick?

Funny question to ask, but doesn’t make it any less important. Now before you decide your house couldn’t possibly have anything that’s impacting that cough that won’t go away, or that fever that keeps coming back, check out our list of ways your house could be making you sick.

Even if you are an absolute neat freak, there are so many things you can overlook in your house. Take a second to think about it. When was the last time you had your curtains washed (most of us leave them up there for months at a time!). You’ve done your hunt against the roaches, but have you protected yourself against the repellents? Your paint had lead and now it’s chipping off – do you know when to start worrying?

Hold the mould

If sunlight cannot reach major parts of your house, the environment becomes fertile for fungus. In some cases, you could be completely oblivious to its presence behind racks, on the floor, on walls hidden behind furniture pieces (or even inside the furniture).

Lack of proper ventilation and sunlight are the culprits. Watch closely for mould production and attend to it as soon as you find it. Mould spores can find their way into your system through the nose and cause a whole host of infections. So be sure that the air inside your house is free from fungus.

Reading between the fabric

Fabric allergies do exist and are not restricted to skin alone. Fabric that sheds microscopic fur can create breathing problem for some people. Always be careful while buying cloth for upholstery. The same applies to the carpets, rugs and floor mats.

Your blanket, mattress and furniture items can become breeding grounds for germs. Make it a habit to place padded furniture, mattresses and blankets out in the sunlight periodically. Most importantly, arrange for proper ventilation inside your house.

Chemicals galore

The stuff you used to clean your house can also be hazardous to your health. So if you don’t feel well after a certain disinfectant has been used to wipe the floor or clean your bathroom, be sure to change it. Similarly, read labels for the products you use, including the toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo, and even hand lotion. Try and go for organic products since the likelihood of them having too many chemicals and hurting your health is fairly low.

We all constantly try to protect ourselves from all the stuff making us sick outside our houses, so much so that we end up forgetting about the inside entirely. Do a quick survey of your home to see if it needs some protective measures too. Keeping your house healthy is the only way to building a happy home.

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